Custom Office Cubicles

Controversy in a Cubicle

It’s one of the most controversial items of furniture history has ever produced. Looking swank, trendy and colourful today, the office cubicle wasn’t always the cosy corner employees are allotted today.

It was roundly criticised as being a tool wielded by managements using the “sardines in a can” principle to maximise profits. That is, cubing office space to cram as many employees into as small a space as possible to get the most out of the available office space.

This is what cubicles looked like a couple of decades ago – a small desk boxed in by partitions without any legroom to manoeuvre. Managements called it downsizing. This served the business needs of the time because, as white-collar jobs boomed in the US and Europe, recruitment needs outstripped office space.

Hence, the office cubicle became a symbol of employees filled with angst and resentment herded into a bull pen like cattle rather than human beings. The wave of resentment at the office place grew so strong that it was embodied by cartoonist Scott Adams in his award-winning cartoon strip called “Dilbert Doctrines”.

Modern Cubicle

Contrast the cubicle then with the cubicle today. Roomy, spacious, airy, colourful and a personalised semi-private piece of office space that offers comfort and an environment conducive to work.

Called “systems furniture today, the office cubicle is now customised or tailor-made to suit individual business requirements. SO if you’re resigning an office or redesigning your old one, what you need is custom office cubicles. There are several vendors selling office furniture including cubicles so careful who you select.

Shop around for vendors carefully because you could get gypped by unscrupulous suppliers. But if you source your cubicles and other office furniture from Creative Office Design, quality and price are guaranteed. LCC buys used office furniture, strips it down and refurbishes it.

LCC will sell you custom office cubicles at great prices and even help you design your furniture and plan your office layout with the help of professionals. LCC’s showpiece brand is Herman Miller, one of the largest makers of office furniture,. So whether it’s modular cubicles you want, a telemarketing cubicle or a custom office cubicle, LCC will supply them according to your requirements.

Evolution of the Cubicle

It’s interesting but the much-hated office cubicle has its origins in what was then called the “action office”. This was a cubicle designed by Robert Propst, a researcher at Herman Miller, in 1968.

This prototype of the modern office cubicle was, believe it or not, designed for employee comfort and health. It was large, airy and had very large work spaces and work surfaces, In fact, the work surface was adjustable so that employees would either sit or stand at it and work. The idea was to improve blood circulation. Surviving only in museums today, the action office soon evolved into the small cubicle chronicled in “Dilbert’s Doctrines”.

But given the way the cubicle has been transformed, its four partitions can, in fact, be used creatively to make for an exciting office environment. This can be done by merely changing around the cubicles four partitions – with adjustments for height, colour, size and other parameters.