Office Wall Partitions

Conquering Space

It’s an aspect of office interiors we usually take for granted. It is also a source of worry. What if you’re expanding your business and don’t have the budget to rebuild and renovate?

Office wall partitions are the answer to space constraints in most small and medium firms face. If used effectively, it’s amazing how space can be redefined and used creatively. When you opt to use office wall partitions, less is always more.

Consider this simple scenario. Your Operations team just got four more members . Where do you accommodate them? Well, Accounting, sitting across the hall, could so with a little less, right? The solution: reassign space, rearrange the furniture and section off the two with office wall partitions. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, does it?

Affordable Partitions

But then, where do you source the partitions? Creative Office Design fills in what has become an increasingly pressing need. Selling reworked and refurbished office wall partitions among other office furniture, LCC offers low prices for quality work in the top brands. All of this done by a team of professional experts who make the products look brand new.

There are basically two kinds of partitions – cubicle partitions that are usually five feet tall and mark of cubicle space. The other kind is the office wall partition. This is a ceiling to floor partition that segregates large areas in a room. They are also called room or space dividers.

Retractable Dividers

Wall partitions can be further classified as portable and no-portable. Portable office wall partitions are retractable and are easily rolled into place or partitions which fold into themselves. Wall partitions are locked to the floor and ceiling, almost creating a permanent wall. Which is precisely the point. They serve the same purpose and cost only a fraction of a brick and mortar wall.

Factories and industrial units use office wall partitions extensively because aesthetics are usually not top priority in these establishments.

Sound Advice

When using office wall partitions, make sure you use gypboard or drywall. These are partition or wall linings that make partitions soundproof as well as fireproof, both essential features in the workplace. Also, gypboard partitions are durable, and it makes it easy to paint, laminate or use wallpaper.

Accordion partitions are partitions that retract like an accordion. They are popular in many offices, factories and warehouses because they slide back and forth like a collapsible gate and you can therefore easily manipulate space. These partitions can either have both floor and ceiling guides or only ceiling guides. They are made from various materials including lightweight steel or aluminium panels, vinyl or even heavy-duty canvas.

Temporary Office Space

Office wall partitions are very handy when you need to set up a temporary office, or an office inside your home. Freelancers or employees with flexitime need to spend long periods of their time working out of home. But how do you shut out the baby screaming, the constant hum of traffic on the street and the ring of the doorbell?

You would use office wall partitions to create your own private space in your home or even on the terrace. It is extremely important in this case to make sure you buy partitions that use heavy-duty soundproofing material. And, unlike cubicle or portable partitions, they must be load-bearing.